About Parish E-File

ParishE-File.com is a groundbreaking web-based application that allows businesses to file sales & use tax returns, and remit sales tax payments, with the click of a mouse.

ParishE-File.com is a secure, easy-to-use, and absolutely free public service from the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR), with oversight by a governor-appointed five-member advisory committee representing the following organizations:

The Louisiana Legislature provided for the creation of a uniform electronic local return and remittance system that gives taxpayers the ability to file and remit all state and local sales and use taxes entirely online.

We invested in the best technologies available to guarantee the security of tax data. ParishE-File.com provides unmatched ease-of-use, reducing the complexities faced by businesses in filing accurate sales and use tax returns and remittances with the many political subdivisions of the state.

“The greatest benefit of ParishE-File.com is for businesses that operate in multiple locations throughout the state,” says Secretary of Revenue Cynthia Bridges. “They used to have to file separate paper returns in every parish where they conducted business. Now, they can do it all at one location, entirely online and completely free.”

“We see this as a win/win project for both businesses and local collectors,” adds Mark West, of the Ascension Parish Sales Tax Authority, and the Chair of the Advisory Committee.

The following returns can be filed and paid on ParishE-File.com:

• Sales and Use Tax for All Parishes (except Cameron)
• Sales and Use Tax for the State of Louisiana
• Hotel-Motel and Occupancy Tax for some Parishes

ParishE-File cannot be used to file Withholding Tax returns.

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